October Energy Update


Are you ready for October?

October is arriving and with it comes a change in the Feng Shui energy. October is a special month because the annual and monthly energies will align making the impact more powerful than either would be on its own. Find out what you need to know

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What IS Feng Shui??

If you’ve ever been asked “What is Feng Shui?” you know how difficult this question is to answer. Watch this short video that is one of the best explanations I’ve ever seen! It’s from an organization of which I am proud to be a member, Association of Feng Shui Consultants.

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4 Feng Shui Tips That Can Help Prevent Infidelity

According to Benjamin Franklin, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” I agree. And I’m certain that anyone who has been cheated on or who knows someone who has been cheated on would agree. Getting over infidelity is very difficult. So difficult that some never fully recover.

In addition to the obvious preventative steps, like choosing a mate carefully, taking your time, and considering their past and the people they associate with to get an idea of their behavior, there are things you can do in your home to help ward off infidelity.

Read Helen’s 4 Easy Tips to Help Avoid Being Cheated On

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What’s On Your Walls?

You may be surprised. I certainly was! I’m a dancer and no surprise that I have a lot of art on my walls depicting dancers. Or so I thought….

In Feng Shui, especially the modern or western styles that use the Life-Aspirations (Modified) Bagua, what is in your art, and where it is placed can and will impact what is in your life. How much does it take though?

If you’ve listened to my radio interviews, or you’ve  you’ve likely heard me refer to a home as a Life-sized, 3-D Vision Board™. Just as a vision board you create and hang on your wall helps to focus your thoughts and attention on what you bring into your life, so do the walls of your home.

When people think of me, they think of dancing. It’s common knowledge that a hobby of mine is dancing. My clients and colleagues know it, my friends know it, my relatives and long-lost high school peers know it. In my home, I’m surrounded by pictures of dancers. Or so I thought…

For fun, I took an inventory. I walked through my home and categorized each item on my wall as either “dancing” or “non-dancing”. The tally surprised me!  When it came right down to it, I had only 5 pieces on my walls reflecting dancers and 22 that did not. Wow! Was I surprised! And yet, dance is a big part of my life.

I could go through the house and look at other categories too, but doubtful that I would find a category as specific as dancing that has more examples in my home. What I’m trying to say is, like my tag line states, “A Little Feng Shui Goes a Long Way”©

You don’t need to go militant and change every picture in your home to reflect wealth, or love, or health, but enough of them to draw your attention, have you notice them. Enough to have others notice them and relate that quality to you. And it certainly can’t hurt to place them corresponding to the life-aspirations (modified) Bagua.

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The Olympics and Feng Shui

As I’ve been watching the Olympics the infamous 5-rings caught my attention this year, more than usual. Read what this symbol has in common with Feng Shui.

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4 Feng Shui Tips to Help Heal after Infidelity

What happens when you find out that someone you thought you knew, loved and trusted betrayed you? You’re likely to experience a range of emotions which may include anger, fear, hurt, and lack of confidence. Sometimes the most difficult aspect to heal is the lack of trust in yourself.  Whether acknowledged or not, you may start to question your ability to make good choices and decisions.

Helen was recently asked to write an article for InfidelityInfo.com on the subject of healing after betrayal.  Read article.

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Feng Shui and Bathrooms

In my Feng Shui practice I’m often asked, well, actually I’m usually “told” that bathrooms are bad Feng Shui and the door needs to be kept closed at all times. That is not necessarily true.

First, aside from Feng Shui, keeping a bathroom door closed at all times may be a personal preference for some people. That’s your choice.

When Feng Shui originated approximately 5,000 years ago, bathrooms were the great outdoors. There was no indoor plumbing at that time. When bathrooms were brought indoors, they were basically a small enclosed space, like a closet, with a hole in the ground. Of course, by today’s standards, that would not be good Feng Shui.

Luckily, bathrooms of today can be quite visually pleasing. Like these lovely examples posted by “A Detailed House” – a blog we follow.   Take a look at these grand rooms and you, too, will have a hard time saying this is “bad” Feng Shui just because the function of the room is a bathroom. After all, the toilet is not the only purpose of a bathroom. Many have luxurious spa-like tubs and showers where we can spend hours soaking, or beautiful vanities where we lingeringly primp in front of ornate mirrors.

Yes, there are some things to keep in mind, Feng Shui wise, regarding bathrooms. The position/placement of the toilet, the running water, or as we say, “moving water”, and the frequency and length of visits to that room. But like any other room in your home, the energy of the bathroom, is based primarily upon where it lands in the energetic chart of your home. You’ll need the help of a trained professional to determine the Flying star chart and then interpret how the bathroom will impact the energy it resides in.

So before you are prejudice against all bathrooms, consider where that stereotype came from, what your bathroom looks like, how it feels, and most importantly what your Feng Shui Professional has advised you.

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