4 Steps to Improve Your Love Life

heart 2Just in time for Valentine’s Day, here’s an excerpt from an article I wrote last year.

Men have a natural instinct for interpreting their environment.

This goes back hundreds of years to them being out in the wild, hunting buffalo or other wild animals to bring home to feed the women and children.

Natural providers, that’s what men are. While they were out hunting wild animals, the women were in the caves or nearby picking berries.

They paid attention to detail.

If they chose the berry with the red spots instead of the one with white spots, for example, they could poison their entire village. So women tend not to look up and take in the surrounding environment.

They focus on the details. Men look around and get familiar with their environment. They analyze it. They size it up, so to speak.  They do this naturally, instinctively, subconsciously.

It is usually done from a safety perspective, rather than a romance perspective. It is so natural, that they often don’t even realize they are doing it.

Military trained men are an exception; they are well aware that they are taking in the clues from their environment; assessing and adjusting accordingly.

Put on your “home-vision-goggles” and get ready to take a look at your home.  The following are things you can do to your environment to improve your love life.

4 Steps to Improve Your Love Life

1. Think Like a Couple

2. Balance Yin and YangYin and Yang

3. Be the Center of Your Universe

4. Create A Safe Haven


Click here to read entire article.

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