Good-Bye Dragon; Hello Snake!

dragon from Yasha JampolskyAs we say good-bye to the year of the Dragon and welcome in the year of the snake, it can be helpful to review your experience of the Dragon year. Specifically we are completing a Water Dragon year, and beginning a Water Snake year. Let’s first look at the qualities of water.

Water is powerful and constantly changing. When focused and channeled, it sustains life. When left on its own, it carves through mountains and forges new paths. The end result may be beautiful, but in the midst of its current, chaos can be found.

Dragon, often fire-breathing, is intense. It relates to power, perhaps power struggles. Dragon is about truth and light. Or rather, exposing truth and dispersing darkness and clouds. I think for many of us, we faced truths in the passing year – truth about ourselves, our lives, and the world.

2012, according to the Mayan’s, was predicted to be the end of the world; perhaps it was the end of the world as we know it. I have personally been seeing it as a separation of good and evil. In the ongoing economic challenges, haven’t people’s true colors shown? We’ve learned who our friends are, who we can trust, who resorted to methods with less integrity, and who stayed the course of honesty and truth. There’s that word again, truth. Dragon exposes truth.

In the past weeks, I’ve heard several people refer to 2012 as being similar to Y2K – a non-event. Well, if you were in I.T. back then, as I was, you know it was anything but a non-event. We spent hours, days, weeks, months and even years, reviewing every line of programming code for every system and every process. We edited every line of code that had a date field, and some other fields that used “00” as a “dummy” filler for the field. Next came testing, reviewing results, possibly more programming, testing and reviewing, implementing, and then monitoring, and maybe even more programming.

Yes, folks, for those in I.T. it was not a non-event. We worked hard to make it a non-event for others. So, before you think 2012 was a non-event, consider the impact on your life and the lives of those you know that the events of 2012 had. Did I mention that the year 2000 was a Dragon year?

So was 2012 a non-event for you? For some, maybe it was, but for most of the people I have spoken with, there were a lot of changes in 2012. Changes in life-style, spending, housing, work, etc. I don’t think 2012 was a non-event for many people. Maybe the exact day the world was predicted to end was a non-event since we are all still here, but the world is definitely a different place than it was. The powerful water dragon made sure of that.

snakeThe Snake of 2013 is wise and focused; advancing steadily and fluidly. The snake holds the key to the mysteries of life. 2001 was a snake year. In 2001, George W. Bush took office, the World Trade Center was bombed, the U.S. withdrew from the 1972 Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty, the Human Genome Sequence was revealed, and the worst world-wide economic downturn in 20 years started. Remember, snake is about focus and direction. Back in 2001, the focus was not on the economy. If this snake year stays focused on improving the economy, that is very likely what we will experience – an improved economy.

Dragon was proud and aggressive. Snake is wise and calm. Stay focused on what you want this year and you will very likely achieve it!

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