It Won’t Work…

if you don’t do it. That’s what someone recently said to me about Feng Shui. I recently met a man who had just had a Feng Shui consultation. The consultant had told him to cut down the tree in his front yard and he did! Wow!

tree in front of houseI was impressed with his gusto and willingness to apply the suggested changes. I expressed this to him and he said, “It won’t work if you don’t do it.” So true and yet there are many out there that think that Feng Shui is something that happens to them, not something they actively create.

I compare it to a person going to the doctor, being prescribed a medication, not taking it, and then saying the medicine doesn’t work. Of course not! It won’t work if you don’t do it.

In most cases, the recommended changes needed to balance the Feng Shui of a home are pretty simple. However, there are times that more dramatic changes are required. These may include, not using a room, using a back door instead of a front door, not opening a window, or changing the function of a room.

I’ve lived through the impacts of not following the advice of a Feng Shui professional. When I moved into my current home, I didn’t follow my own advice. You know, like the Cobbler whose children didn’t have shoes. I knew the best location for my desk was in the living room near the front window. This would help the flow of money and opportunities. I also knew this was not a good place for my sofa – health could be challenging.

Still, I let my logical side win. I created an office out of an extra bedroom. I put my sofa near the window, because, are you ready for the reason? Because of the location of the cable TV connector. Yep, the cable connector determined the arrangement of my home.   This is especially funny since I don’t watch much television; I’m usually out dancing or taking a yoga class.

The first couple of months went fine. I felt great! I was happy and enjoying life in my beautiful new home. Business was also doing well. This is often the case – just the change of energy from a move can create activity and joy. This is not always an indication of positive Feng Shui energy…as I soon experienced.

SickAfter a few months, I got sick. The cold lasted about 3 weeks and I was completely laid up during that time. I felt better for a week, and then I was sick for another 3 weeks. This pattern repeated several times. My life became consumed by health issues, and not surprisingly, my business slowed because of this. I’ll also add that I usually get sick about once every 3 or 4 years and it doesn’t last more than a few days. Side note: I found myself watching more television than ever before.

One day when I was feeling good and was again thinking clearly. I rearranged my home. Office moved to living room, sofa moved to the other side of the room and cable connection was extended to give flexibility of location.

Immediately business picked up, and opportunities and invitation began flowing in and I’ve not been sick since. It won’t work if you don’t do it.

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