Feng Shui for Cars

A friend forwarded me a link recently to an article from USA Today about Feng Shui and Cars. http://m.usatoday.com/article/money/650014

First let me say that I love that Feng Shui is getting publicity like this! It is becoming more and more mainstream every day. Next, I would like to make some comments on the subject.

Using traditional methods of Feng Shui that are thousands of years old, it is difficult, if not impossible to apply Feng Shui. These traditional methods are based on the direction a structure is facing. Automobiles, boats, and other objects designed to move are constantly changing their facing direction. Thus, the difficulty in applying these methods.Feng Shui Bagua

Using a more recent modality of Feng Shui, developed in the 1980’s, like the article does, we can apply Feng Shui (see diagram at right). This modality utilizes a 9-square Bagua. Each square pertains to a specific life aspect such as health, wealth, relationships, career.

When applying this Bagua to the home, we generally align the side with Knowledge/Career/Travel with the front of the home. But how do we align the Bagua for a car?

Some might say that the Driver door is the entrance, similar to the front door of a home, so perhaps that should be the alignment point. The article suggests placing the Bagua with the Career area at the front of the car. This too makes sense given the car is generally in forward motion.

Bagua for the CarYet another application, the one I learned, would be to place Career at the back of the car. The reasoning here is that Career, responds to the element of Water, is dark and deep, like a trunk. On the other hand, Fame responds to the element of Fire, red and active, like an engine.

The application in the article would by nature set up conflict at the front and rear of the car – Putting Fire on Career/Water, and putting Water on Fame/Fire. If this were accurate placement, I would expect to see many more car accidents and much career failure as a result.

In the article, they also kept the Bagua in it’s “pure” shape of a square. Yet, when applying this Bagua to a home, it is “stretched” to fit the width and length of the home. Then missing pieces are filled in. In the case of a car, we would place the Bagua so that it reaches to the sides of the car, not beyond, and then “stretch” it to also reach the front and rear of the car. The Bagua would then be rectangular in shape rather than square. The article’s method would leave a lot of missing areas. This would mean a deficiency in all life areas for everyone who uses an automobile.

Since Feng Shui was developed thousands of years ago, before cars, you can decide for yourself if you believe it can apply to moving objects or not. Learn More Feng Shui tips for your car that don’t involve the Bagua.

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