All Homes are Not Created Equal

There are many factors that affect the perceived value of a home.  Location, size of a home, the condition , the number of bedrooms, whether or not it has a pool, an attached garage, or a fireplace will make an impact on value.  Some things can easily be changed such as the color of the walls, or light fixtures. Other things, such as the fireplace, pool, or yard, may be more costly and more difficult to modify. And sometimes it’s the right home, but the wrong location for us.

Just like with the value of the home, there are also many factors that affect the energetic makeup of the home. When it was built, the direction it faces, the surrounding land and structures, and any additional construction done to the home. And just like with the value of the home, some of these things that impact the energies of the home are easier to change than others.


 6 Common Misconceptions about Feng Shui

  1.  The Same Things Need to Be Done to Every Home

As the title says, All Homes are Not Created Equal. Therefore, all homes require different treatments to balance them. There are some concepts that are universal and should be applied to all homes, such as no mirrors in the bedroom, remove poison arrows, and create power positions in the seating. 

I find that medical analogies work very well to explain Feng Shui. We all know that eating healthy and exercising will keep our weight down. We can all follow that advice. But that alone isn’t the only medical treatment we need. Some people need one or another type of medication. I think we all agree that not all of us should take the exact same medications, and our homes should not receive the exact same Feng Shui treatments.

2.       I need a water fountain at my front door

Should everyone take High Blood Pressure medicine? In traditional Feng Shui, moving water, is a treatment for a very specific energy. If placed correctly it can improve financial flow.  If placed incorrectly it could lead to health issues, arguments or perhaps legal issues, or more.  Just like you would not take a medication for high blood pressure without an examination and prescription from a qualified doctor; placing a water feature without the advice of a qualified Feng Shui practitioner is risky.

I’ve seen it happen often that a misplaced water feature lead to stress, anxiety and the feeling of being overwhelmed. If you insist of doing so, consider turning it off for a few days to a week and notice any changes. Then turn it back on again and see what happens.

 3.       If I Feng Shui my home, my life will be Perfect

Feng Shui is not the only factor that impacts how a person’s life goes. In the traditional Chinese Culture they refer to the Luck Trinity. The concept is that there are three factors that contribute equally to how a person’s life goes.

1)      Heaven Chi:  These are the things that we have no control over such as weather, where we are born, when we are born. In short, these are things we cannot change.

2)      Human Chi: These are our actions, including our continuous study, personal growth, and how we treat others.

3)      Earth Chi: Feng Shui

It is said that if we do not practice Feng Shui, then we only have 1/3 control over how our life goes. If we practice Feng Shui, we then have 2/3 control over how our life goes. There is still 1/3 that is out of our control, thus leaving some element of surprise, and a “perfect” life beyond our reach. For many, this is where Four Pillars, Chinese Astrology comes in. This can be viewed as destiny, and understanding what is in your chart, often gives additional tools and understanding for your journey of life.

 4.        All Homes Can be Brought Into Perfect Harmony With Feng Shui

Again, every home is different. Some homes are more challenging than others. Some are much more favorable than others. Still, the majority of homes have some favorable aspects about it and some challenging aspects.

Many can be balanced simply by adding a color or object in a specific location. Others would improve greatly with some construction, such as relocating a door, knocking down a wall, or closing up a window. And there are others that have challenges that are very difficult, to say the least, to treat.

To add to that, Traditional Flying Star Feng Shui functions in 20-year cycles. What this means, is that a home that is favorable in one 20-year cycle may be less favorable in the next or subsequent 20-year cycle. Some of these conditions are not treatable. Meaning, during a particular 20-year cycle a home could be difficult for the occupants and in the previous 20-year cycle, or the next, that home could be quite favorable. The current 20-year cycle is from 2004-2024.

A Feng Shui evaluation should be done before you purchase,  lease, or build a new home. This includes, before purchasing the land or approving the architectural drawings. This will ensure that your home will support you and not create disharmony in your life. Just like you look under the hood of a car, and test drive it before purchasing, be sure to do that with your home’s energy. You will make a more informed decision and avoid any surprises.

5.       My door needs to be painted Red

Just like with a water feature, a red door is a treatment used in Feng Shui to balance or enhance a very specific energy. Painting your door red, can and will have negative side-effects if you have not been advised to do so by a qualified Feng Shui Practitioner.

 6.       I’m moving so its best that I do Feng Shui once I’m settled in my new home

There is an old Chinese Proverb that goes like this: The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago, the second best time is today. The original Feng Shui practitioners selected the land, approved the structural designs, and oversaw the construction to ensure that the balance of nature was not disturbed.

Whether you buy,  rent, or build, you would be wise to have a Feng Shui analysis of your prospective new home before you commit to it.  Not all homes are created equal; by reviewing the Feng Shui of the home before you commit, you will not only know what to expect from the home, but you may very well avoid selecting a home that is so challenging that living there may be one financial or health issue after another.

If you are building a new home, you would be wise to consult a Feng Shui professional before you purchase the land. Once the land is selected the Feng Shui professional needs to review the design plans before you approve them. This will ensure that the space is being utilized in the best possible way; maximizing the positive energies, and minimizing the challenging energies.


For more information about Feng Shui, visit the Frequently Asked Questions page of our website.  You may also want to download some of our reference material on our free downloads page.


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