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Feng Shui for Cars

A friend forwarded me a link recently to an article from USA Today about Feng Shui and Cars. First let me say that I love that Feng Shui is getting publicity like this! It is becoming more and more mainstream … Continue reading

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Common Feng Shui Terms and Definitions

Have you heard terms used in Feng Shui and wondered what the heck that? Or maybe you think you know what it means but you aren’t quite sure. Below are some commonly used Feng Shui terms and a basic definition … Continue reading

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All Homes are Not Created Equal

There are many factors that affect the perceived value of a home.  Location, size of a home, the condition , the number of bedrooms, whether or not it has a pool, an attached garage, or a fireplace will make an … Continue reading

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Four Pillars Horoscope for March 2012

by Jasha Jampolsky The Rabbit loves his comfort and often prefers home to other environments. Water Rabbits are popular, intuitive, keenly aware of the feelings of others; and remember everything. Stimulated by the Wood element, this month continues along the process … Continue reading

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3 Simple Secrets to Harmonious Cohabitation

Whether you are newlyweds or you have been together for 30 years, sharing a home is wonderful. It can also have some challenges. Sure there are the typical issues such as deciding where to live, or how big of a … Continue reading

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Is Your Child’s Bedroom Safe?

One of the basic tenants of Feng Shui is “Safety and comfort first” so when I recently heard some disturbing news impacting the safety of our children in their bedrooms, I felt I had to share it here. For years, I’ve … Continue reading

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