Special Housing Needs Part I

Home Appeal #5

Did you see last week’s edition of Extreme MakeOver – Home Edition?  The show designers helped a family with 3 young son’s; two of which have Autism. The family was living in a very out-dated home that even had some electrical issues that prevented them from child-proofing the outlets.  The home, like many older homes, was designed compartmentally making it difficult for parents to monitor the children when they were not in the same room with them.  The house was completely torn down and a beautiful new home was built for them.

The home was designed with a courtyard in the center so that the children could be outside playing; safe, secure, and in view of the parents from inside the home. What a great feature! It is a very old design style used for various reasons. It was common in Ancient China as well as Ancient European Countries.  In Ancient Italy it was a natural way of regulating the temperature of the home from season to season. In Ancient China, it allowed the energy coming from the front to be redirected rather than rushing through the home to accost the ancestors that were honored in what resembled an alter at the rear of the home, directly in line with the front door.

Dr. Temple Grandin was a featured guest on the show, assisting with the design of the home. She is renowned for her humane designs of slaughter houses. Did you know that McDonald’s will not purchase beef from any house that was not designed by Dr. Grandin? Did you also know that McDonald’s has redesigned several of their locations utilizing ancient Feng Shui practices?  To read more on this and see photographs visit my website

Dr. Grandin, whether intentionally or instinctively, applies some basic tenants of Feng Shui to her humane designs, such as removing what is referred to as “Poison Arrows.” Poison Arrows are essentially those angular corners that point at you. They can create a sense of vulnerability and fear, or even the feeling of being emotionally attacked by others. In the makeover home mentioned above, a center island was designed into the new kitchen. It was quite large and rectangular in shape. With 3 small boys, 2 of whom are Autistic, the sharp corners of the island create Poison Arrows that are right about at head height for the boys. Rounding off these corners would have created a more soothing space for all occupants, especially the two boys with Autism since they are highly affected by their environments.  Draping cloth or placing a soft plant in front of corners are other ways to remove these Poison Arrows and help create peaceful and calm environments.

To be continued next week.

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