Location, Location, Location

Home Appeal #2

There are many factors that make a home right for a particular person. Of course, location, location, location, is one very important factor. Does that mean that a location is right for everyone? Not exactly. Of course there are market trends and desirable areas, but within those desirable locations, there are differences between homes. The direction a home faces will appeal to some people and not to others. We’re not talking about the view, although that too, is important. Some people prefer to see mountains, others prefer water, and still others prefer to see trees when they look out their windows or step out their front doors. What surrounds your home is just as important as where your home is located.

Think about what is nearby. Cemeteries, schools, hospitals, fire or police stations. Maybe we’d like these things nearby for convenience, however if your home is too near you’ll hear sirens and/or have a lot more activity or traffic than you may want. Being too near, or worse yet, on the way to these facilities can create too much energy for many people, and thus their home will not feel as peaceful to them as they might like. Also keep in mind the reaction you have if you pass them along your way to or from your home. Do you get a good feeling each time you see a cemetery or a hospital? If so, great! For many people, however, these bring sad feelings or perhaps even feelings of fear. You don’t want that to be associated with your commute home.

Parking is another important thing to think about. Do you have a lot of cars yourself or do you have a lot of visitors? Make sure the home you select can accommodate the cars. If you entertain often and it is difficult for your guests to find nearby parking, this can set a tone of feeling “unwelcome” that can filter through the entire visit. It could even deter them from visiting more often. Make note of utility lines and junction boxes. These also can stir up energy and activity that you may not want near you.

You may be wise to visit the neighborhood, walk around, or even sit nearby for a time and watch the activity flow, especially during the hours when you will be home. Make sure it fits with your lifestyle and you will have a smoother transition to your new home and neighborhood.

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